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Gaia Runner configuration

The Gaia runner can be configured :

  • using property files (when running from source or with the jar)
  • using environment variables (when running with the jar in docker, or in kubernetes)

Configuration parameters

property env var usage default value
gaia.url GAIA_URL URL of the Gaia server http://localhost:8080
gaia.runner.concurrency GAIA_RUNNER_CONCURRENCY Number of jobs the Gaia Runner can run in parallel 10
gaia.runner.api.username GAIA_RUNNER_API_USERNAME Username to access Gaia API for the Runner gaia-runner
gaia.runner.api.password GAIA_RUNNER_API_PASSWORD Password to access Gaia API for the Runner
gaia.runner.executor GAIA_RUNNER_EXECUTOR The executor to use for the Runner. Valid values are docker or k8s docker

The gaia.runner.api.password is mandatory. If not set, the following message will show to the console when starting the runner :



Binding to target Failed to bind properties under 'gaia.runner.api' to io.gaia_app.runner.config.RunnerConfigurationProperties$RunnerApiProperties failed:

    Property: gaia.runner.api.password
    Value: null
    Reason: must not be blank


Update your application's configuration

Docker Runner

By default, The Gaia Runner uses docker to run the Terraform modules.

Using local docker daemon

property env var usage default value
gaia.runner.docker.daemonUrl GAIA_RUNNER_DOCKER_DAEMONURL URL of the Docker Daemon to use unix:///var/run/docker.sock

Kubernetes Runner

When the property gaia.runner.executor is set to k8s, the Runner will use the Kubernetes API to run the Terraform modules. Terraform modules are runned as simple Pods. If the Runner is running inside a Kubernetes cluster, it will try to use this cluster to run its pods. To do so, some RBAC roles and a Kubernetes ServiceAccount for the Runner should be configured to allow the Runner to start new pods, attach to them, and delete them.


An experimental Helm chart is available on Github

Namespace configuration

By default, it will use the namespace the Runner is deployed in to run the Terraform pods, if the Runner runs in a kubernetes cluster. Otherwise, the gaia.runner.k8s.namespace should be set. This namespace configuration can be overrided.


property env var usage default value
gaia.runner.k8s.namespace GAIA_RUNNER_K8S_NAMESPACE Kubernetes namespace to use when running pods in-cluster namespace


Gaia Runner needs the following RBAC roles to work properly:

apiGroups resource verbs usage
"" pods create, get, delete to run gaia jobs in pods
"" "pods/attach" create, get to send terraform script in pods
"" "pods/logs" get to read the logs

Below is a sample Kubernetes Role with the needed RBAC roles:

kind: Role
  name: gaia-runner-role
- apiGroups: [""]
  resources: ["pods",]
  verbs: ["create", "get", "delete"]
- apiGroups: [""]
  resources: ["pods/attach"]
  verbs: ["create", "get"]
- apiGroups: [""]
  resources: ["pods/log"]
  verbs: ["get"]

And the associated RoleBinding:

kind: RoleBinding
  name: gaia-runner-role-binding
- kind: ServiceAccount
  name: gaia-runner
  kind: Role
  name: gaia-runner-role